Scraping Off the Layers

As I peel off the first layer of wallpaper in what will be my new Life Design Studio,

I discover more layers underneath that need to be scraped away.

Isn't this much like our lives? The outer layer is often the easiest to peel away and

expose what's underneath, but go any deeper and it takes much more time and patience.

I guess that is why God gave me the ability to be patient, in most situations, but especially in helping people. I have always known this was one of my gifts, but with age and experience, it is clear that is part of my calling. The ability to walk people through a journey of self-awareness is a gift that I love to give.

I realized as I began the process of removing the wallpaper, that it is rather addicting.

It was a challenge to see if I could get a big sheet off in one pull or if I would have to pick off tiny pieces to get a section removed. I couldn't stop once I got going.

Likewise, I enjoy helping people make big discoveries and have "aha" moments, but it is just as gratifying to take one step at a time in much smaller chunks as long as the end result is the same...discovering more about oneself and growing as a result.

Contact me if you would like more information. Watch for updates and look photos of my Life Design Studio coming in early 2019!

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