It's Time to Ride

While talking a walk on beautifully sunny evening I came across this scene in my neighborhood. It struck me as a really cool scene, the lighting and colors were perfect, so I took a few shots of it with my phone. What was it about this picture that captivated me? It wasn't just a good Instagram post nor was it something I could find a good bible verse to go with to send off to someone. This was personal, just for me. The bike by the tree, not being used for its intended purpose seemingly begging to be ridden again captivated my attention. The purpose of the bike is to be a method of transportation, a way to exercise, and for enjoyment. While I enjoyed the picture, I can't shake the part that bothers me...the lack of purpose it represents.

Our burdens, the things that bug us the most usually reflect the things that define our purpose. Our passion, the thing that fuels us, is often that thing that we can't help but do something about. Untapped potential, wasted purpose, and lack of clarity of our calling is that thing for me. The bike is supposed to be used for its intended purpose. It is going to just rust and eventually not be able to be ridden. This is what goes through my mind.

Is this what happens when we don't step into our calling? Will we lose the thing God gave us to be and do in this life? I don't know, but I do know that when we do get on the bike and ride to where God calls us in this life, it is the best ride ever! It seems that the peddles just go without extra effort and the steering doesn't need to be manipulated. The bike takes us where we want and need to go, even if we don't know the way. Its the best ride ever! So, take the bike and ride it...go where you were meant to go! A friend gave me a little sign that hangs where I read and pray. It says...The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. Enjoy the journey, God will be smiling with you as you go!

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