Getting Uncomfortable with Comfortable

Someone said, "Comfort kills progress." I believe that and know that once I get comfortable,

Watch Out! Something is going to happen to upset that comfy cozy feeling and turn my world upside down.

Isn't it funny, this word, "hang" when you put a "c" in front and and "e" at the end it makes "change". I guess we have a choice, to hang, or hangout or to change. Sometimes I think there are seasons to hangout and remain in that season and other times it is time to move on and make a change. Both of these activities are risky when you think about it. If you hangout too long and get to comfy, like on a cold winter day under a blanket by the fire, you don't want to leave that place. You like it where you are and like the feeling it gives you to be warm and in familiar surroundings. But I don't think God intended for us to always be in that environment or we would never make progress or step out in faith and try something new.

Even tasting a new food, like a child for the first time, is progress, so that we can take in the proper nutrition, to feed our bodies. If one doesn't attempt anything new, as scary as it may seem, we would miss out on what might feed our body, our minds, and especially our spirit.

What if what God is using to make us uncomfortable and maybe downright miserable, is his way of protecting us from "hanging out" too long? What if God is trying to get us to make a move, even if it is seemingly small to some, but huge to us, to get us to something that is so much better? I believe we have a God who wants to see us thrive, even under the worst of circumstances, because he loves us, he is going to show us the way, we just have to decide to move from comfortable to uncomfortable.

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