Clarity Takes Intentionality

This picture struck me as meaning many

things, depending on your perspective.

I see it from my perspective as a follower

of Jesus, who went to the cross for me.

I also see that by following Him, I gain

direction and purpose. As a disciple

of Jesus, He points me in the direction in

which I need to go, giving me clarity.

However, I must choose to follow. I must choose to be intentional about listening and waiting, then moving.

This takes courage and bold faith. To begin a journey toward clarity and purpose, one must first choose to be courageous in becoming more self aware. To know thyself, really, you need to not be afraid of what you might find. Secondly, you must be willing to learn from your experiences, past, present, and future. Experience is only worthwhile when it is evaluated and processed, applying valuable lessons to one's life that are gained from them. Thirdly,

the value we bring to the table is part of our journey in seeking clarity in our lives. Everyone has value, especially in the eyes of our creator. Knowing the value you bring to this life is vital to living with clarity and purpose. You must be intentional about discovering how valuable you really are to this world. Finally, the clarity journey requires you to go in the direction of your purpose. The very reason you were created, uniquely, is why you must have courage to step into your purpose, applying the gifts, abilities, passions to whatever it is you were created to do. For me, my purpose is first rooted in Jesus Christ, He gives me my purpose, my passion, my abilities, and my direction. I must do the hard work of staying on course, seeking clarity with every step, living the life He designed me to live. I want to help others to do the same. Stewarding Mission is my two words that summarize my journey. Let me help you to find yours and steward the mission God has placed within you.

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