Your BRAVE is someone else's BREAKTHROUGH. Mark Batterson

I discovered the truth of this statement this weekend!

The thing that I was most afraid to step out and do, is the very thing

that allowed others to experience breakthrough in their lives.

My BRAVE is the catalyst for another life to be changed for the better!

How cool is that? The very thing we fear might be the very thing that will change

the world. What's your BRAVE? Often the thing we fear the most is the very thing we are

meant to do in this life, to make a difference. Each one of us has special gifts, passions,

and a unique story that gives us what we need to live out our purpose. Being brave is

simply stepping into that purpose and living it with clarity and with bravery.

People will not understand and may try to stop you, but if it is in your heart and

you know it is what you are created to do and who you are meant to be, then do the brave thing and do it. Take one step at a time. I did, and it led me to the next step, then the next step until I was actually doing it. This weekend was one year after I found that one thing I knew I must do and a year later I was actually doing it! I walked 10 people through the process of finding their one thing. It was awesome and it felt so right!

So, won't you be brave so someone else can experience life-changing breakthrough?

Let me help you. Contact me, I'd love to have a conversation with you on how to get started!


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