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I use a gospel-centered life design process called,  Younique. This is a step-by-step process using 5 Master Tools to take people  through a journey of self-discovery of who God has created them to be. Calling is best cultivated in community, so online and in person cohorts are how to experience Younique.


A group consists of up to 10 people who go through two Journeys, 12 Sessions each, and a 90 Day Launch.


Once you sign up and pay you will get a kit that includes 3 assessments to do online, 3 books, and a t-shirt.


You will begin your Younique experience for discovering your specific calling. We will meet online or in some cases face to face for the next 6 months


Your coach will guide you through the teachings, using tools which will result in a Life Design Plan that is based on how God created you.


A group process provides approximately 36 coaching sessions resulting in a 3 year life plan and a lifelong process to order your life.


Kid Coaching: Available for ages elem-high school, based on needs determined through a consultation. 


One on One Coaching available upon request, customizable for specific needs especially young people who need direction.


Group Member

I'm so thankful that I get time to sit down and look at what has happened in my life thus far and realize what has made me who I am. I love that challenge and the space Younique provides for me to know who I am when I am at my best and why I act  and react the way I do when I'm at my worst, and establish a path for who God called me to be in the future.

Group Member

Participating in Younique  has been the beginning of a new journey for me. A journey to feeling renewed and purposeful. Once I could see the correlation between past and present, I was able to see that I could use those past experiences to move forward. Moving forward requires faith, patience, reflection, listening, and fearlessness-especially fearlessness.

Group Member

My two words from Younique are, Advocating Fearlessness.

I want to be fierce and teach others to approach life that way!

 Group Members 

Two Word Stories

Stewarding Mission

Cultivating Growth

Inspiring Love

Loving Authentically

Empowering Purpose

Inspiring Excellence

Advocating Fearless

Watering Souls

Healing Wholeness

Teaching Truth

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