the process


Younique is an individual vision journey centered on the gospel. It takes a person through a discipleship process of discovering who they are in Christ and how to live the life they were meant to live according to God’s design for them. This is not a is a process that has real results for life transformation and living out God’s call in a healthy life-giving way.

Individuals will complete 3 assessments creating a profile for personality, talent, and spiritual gifting. As part of the experience, participants will have declared their personal Core Values, a Calling Statement, and developed a 3 Year Vision Frame.

This 3 Year Vision Frame is updated every 90 Days to reach the goals set forth at the completion of the plan. In addition, each individual will have learned how to create healthy rhythms for living out their calling with clarity and purpose.

The ultimate goal is a higher God awareness paired with increased self awareness.

This combination promotes better decision making and increases the probability of a healthier, more focused disciple who is living out their specific calling as a follower of Jesus.

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A group consists of up to 10 people who go through two Journeys, 12 Sessions each, and a 90 Day Launch.


Once you sign up and pay you will get a kit that includes 3 assessments to do online, 3 books, and a t-shirt.


You will begin your Younique experience for discovering your specific calling. We will meet online or in some cases face to face for the next 6 months


Your coach will guide you through the teachings, using tools which will result in a Life Design Plan that is based on how God created you.


A group process provides approximately 36 coaching sessions resulting in a 3 year life plan and a lifelong process to order your life.


Kid Coaching: Available for ages elem-high school, based on needs determined through a consultation. 


One on One Coaching available upon request, customizable for specific needs especially young people who need direction.