my journey

 My journey began a few years ago when I went through a transition in life that left me feeling like I had no vision for the future. It was in this difficult season that God showed me how to actually  dream his dream for my life. Following a long and winding path that took me to many  places, I was led to a place of clarity. I embarked on a journey of rediscovering my personal vision and redefining my specific calling through a life design process called Younique. I left my job of seventeen years and  began coaching and training in 2018. What has happened since is far beyond what I could have dreamed or imagined! I have had interaction people throughout the country and globally. This has been through 1:1, group coaching, retreats, workshops, and webinars. I have also led teams through vision and team building processes locally, nationally, and internationally.

My own Younique story is a true testimony of what can happen as one fully embraces the calling on their life and chooses to live it out according to their unique God-given design. As an apostolic leader, I am called to unlock and unleash Kingdom potential in people as I steward the mission in myself and others to live fully the clear calling of God. 

My husband is now a coach and together we help others find their own YOUNIQUE pathway. This is us, leading a global gathering of missionaries on a weekend retreat in 2019.


My mission

My mission is to unlock and unleash the potential in each individual to lead themselves first by knowing their God-given abilities, passions, and the context in which they thrive.

It takes courage to know oneself and to evaluate experiences in life.

My role is to coach people and organizations through this process and take them on a journey of self-discovery. Using practical tools that are easily applied to both the individual as well as the whole organization, this process brings forth break-thru clarity like no other.

You cannot lead what you haven't lived, so I coach and train coaches having lived this out for myself first.

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  • John Maxwell Team Certified Leadership Coach

  • Life Younique Master Trainer and Coach

  • 5Q Collective Trainer/Coach/Core Team Member 

  • Masters in Special Education, Shippensburg University

  • Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, Lock Haven University

  • School Counselor Certification, McDaniel College