my journey

 My journey began a few years ago when I went through a transition in life that left me feeling like I had no vision for the future. It was in this difficult season that God showed me how to actually  dream his dream for my life. Following a long and winding path that took me to many  places, I was led to a place of clarity. I embarked on a journey of rediscovering my personal vision and redefining my specific calling through a life design process called Younique. I left my job of seventeen years and  began coaching and training in 2018. What has happened since is far beyond what I could have dreamed or imagined! I have had interaction with people both nationally and internationally. This has been through 1:1, group coaching, retreats, workshops, and webinars. I have also led teams through vision and team building processes locally and globally.

My own unique story is a true testimony of what can happen as one fully embraces the calling on their life and chooses to live it out according to their God-given design. My calling is to Steward Mission by unlocking and unleashing Kingdom potential in people! 

My husband and I help others find their own pathway by providing answers and stewarding mission for those who choose to walk this journey out with us. This is us, leading a global gathering of missionaries on a weekend retreat in 2019.


My mission

Clear Calling Coaching and Consulting exists to glorify God by unlocking and unleashing potential for Kingdom impact. This looks like a path where God is the guide and we follow step by step as He gives us clarity. Together, with Jesus, in community, we embark on a journey to discover our clear calling, living it out wherever and to whomever we are sent. 

It takes courage to know oneself and to evaluate experiences in life. Our coaching approach is to take people on a journey of self-discovery. Using practical tools that are easily applied to both the individual as well as the whole organization, our process brings forth break-thru clarity like no other. We coach for clarity in community to cultivate calling for global impact!

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  • John Maxwell Team Certified Leadership Coach

  • Life Younique Master Trainer and Coach

  • APEST Trainer/Coach

  • Masters in Special Education, Shippensburg University

  • Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, Lock Haven University

  • School Counselor Certification, McDaniel College

Mountain Path

Janita Seinstra, Founder of Crioel Gamification, Master in Playful Approach, Netherlands

Working with Diane has been wonderful. She is a coach who has an eye for her coachee. Diane helped me on my pathway to growth. She understands my process and gives me insight into what to do next. By trusting the Holy Spirit and leaving the "How" to God, she facilitated me finding my clear calling.

Forest Path

Mark Cotterill, Salvation Army Sweden, Church Leader, Fralsningsarmen, Helsingborg, Venture 12 Network, 
5Q Trainer/Coach

In order to recover the missional church in our time we need all 5 APEST gifts and functions alive and active in the body. Our challenge is not only to grow our appreciation of APEST but that it becomes incarnated in the lives of people, teams, and churches. Diane is an experienced and gifted leader with a track record of helping us take that journey! The coaching environment she creates is inclusive, welcoming, and dynamic. You come away enriched in your sense of learning and convinced that above all she is passionate about unearthing the callings and potential in people! If you are exploring what it might be like to release the full potential of disciples, teams, and movement, then I can highly recommend Diane.

Wild Path

David Reichley, Lead Navigator,
Future Church Co.

I had the pleasure of working with Diane as a coach as she was leading pastors in the Eastern Region Churches of God. She is an excellent coach who does a great job of balancing empathy and care, while still pushing forward. I loved her spirit, enthusiasm, and desire to learn.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Deborah Port, Pastor, MDiv

Diane's training and abilities allow her to see what is under the surface. Working with Diane, you will feel heard. She will challenge you with thought-provoking questions that reveal underlying issues. Diane does not approach a situation with a one-sized -its-all model, but instead uses her in-depth knowledge of APEST to coach you in your area of gifting. She is able to identify relationship dynamics among co-workers and teams that provide self-growth, leadership, and organizational insights, and life-changing confidence to live out your gifts. 

Image by Lili Popper

Michelle Dyett-Welcome
Author, Practictioner, Counselor
and Betryal Trauma Coach

Working with Diane has been a transformational journey for me. The process helped me to identify what feeds me and who I am at the core, and succinctly put into words my purpose.

Image by Mika Korhonen

Antoine Lassiter, Pastor
Think Kingdom, NC

Younique has taught me more in a year than anything I've experienced.